Thanks God, These Great Movies Dodged a Huge Bullet

Posted 11/10/2017 3879 0

They might have been ruined by these stupid mistakes.


1. Harry Potter

Bullet: being American

Speaking to The Independent back in 2012, series producer David Heyman revealed early talks after he'd snapped up the rights to the first four books included discussions of shifting the action overseas.

"In some of the first talks with writers in America there was talk of moving it to the States, you know, cheerleaders and the like," Heyman said. "That just never really rang true because it really was culturally so British. Yet, thematically, it was universal.

"Culturally, Harry Potter is specific, it's British. It wouldn't have made sense for the homes, the institutions and those gothic structures to be set in America."


2. Se7en

Bullet: a dead dog in the box

Talking to EW back in 2011, Brad Pitt revealed:

"With Se7en, I said, 'I will do it on one condition – the head stays in the box. Put in the contract that the head stays in the box'. Actually, there was a second thing, too: he's got to shoot the killer in the end. He doesn't do the 'right' thing, he does the thing of passion."

Those two things are in the contract. Cut to: Se7en has been put together and they've tested it. They go: "You know, he would be much more heroic if he didn't shoot John Doe — and it's too unsettling with the head in the box. We think maybe if it was the dog's head in the box…"


3. Pretty Woman

Bullet: being just a horrible story about a sex worker

According to star Julia Roberts, in the original version Vivian just gets paid and goes back to working the streets.

"[It was] a really dark and depressing, horrible, terrible story about two horrible people and my character was this drug addict, a bad-tempered, foulmouthed, ill-humoured, poorly educated hooker who had this week-long experience with a foulmouthed, ill-tempered, bad-humoured, very wealthy, handsome but horrible man, and it was just a grisly, ugly story about these two people."


4. Back to the Future

Bullet: being called Space Man from Pluto

In this memo from studio exec Sid Sheinberg, sent to producer Steven Spielberg, he praises the script but suggests a cheeky name change.

His main concern is that Back to the Future makes it sound like a time-travel sci-fi (ahem) so instead he petitions for the not-at-all-sci-fi-sounding Space Man From Pluto.

"I am sure there will be those who will argue that the movie will appear to the audience to be a cheap, old-fashioned sci-fi," he writes.

"Nonsense! I think it's a kind of title that has 'heat, originality and projects fun'," he adds, weirdly quoting himself. Adorable.


5. Gravity

Bullet: a love story with mission control

Talking to io9, Cuaron revealed he had to field several suggestions from the studio including an idea to add a love interest: "A romantic relationship with the Mission Control Commander, who is in love with her [...] To finish with a whole rescue helicopter, that would come and rescue her."


6. Terminator

Bullet: the Terminator is played OJ Simpson

Talking to EW, Cameron recalled that the part of the cyborg killing machine nearly went to none other than OJ Simpson.

"[Orion chief Mike] Medavoy came to me and [producer Gale Anne Hurd] and he said, 'Are you sitting down? You must sit down. I want OJ Simpson for the Terminator'. Gale and I just looked at each other and thought, 'You've got to be f**king kidding me. How do we get out of this?'" the director said.

He was not keen at all on this idea.

"This was when everybody loved him, and ironically that was part of the problem – he was this likeable, goofy, kind of innocent guy. Plus, frankly, I wasn't interested in an African-American man chasing around a white girl with a knife."


7. Deadpool

Bullet: being family-friendly fun

According to co-writer Rhett Reese, in an interview with Screen Rant, there were concerns.

"First it was R. We wrote it R… they told us to write it the way we wanted," he said. "And then I think there was just a little concern that there's a ceiling on how well you can do financially when it's rated R because there's a certain bulk of the audience who just can't go and won't pay to go. So we decided to change it to PG-13. They decided that was the best move."

Fortunately Reynolds never gave up pushing for the rating he wanted.